I am a former actress who also received her M.F.A. in creative nonfiction writing who now works as a public relations manager in the health care industry. Mother to one chaos-motivated little girl, I hope to be blessed with another child in the coming year and half or so but don’t plan to spend the rest of my thirties dedicated to the cause. My husband, Ian, is a former theologian turned executive who I met at summer camp when I was sixteen.

After years of blogging at everythinginbetween.wordpress.com, I decided I needed a fresh space to write more freely than I have been able to in the past. In her article “How Older Parenthood will Upend American Society,” journalist Judith Shulevitz writes about the ramifacations of postponing childbearing until couples are in their mid-to-late thirties. One of the concerns she addresses is the idea that as soon as we “procastinators” have children, “we also become members of the sandwich generation. That is, we’re caught between our toddlers tugging on one hand and our parents talking in the other, giving us the latest updates on their ailments.”

This is exactly where I find myself and while “sandwich generation” issues will by no means be the only subjects I blog about, I do think I write better and more honestly when I’m writing from the emotional/physical place I occupy at the time.

My blogging goal is one I saw posted on someone else’s website but I can no longer remember exactly where that happened to be: a minimum of one blog a week (but preferably 2) of 750 – 1200 words – writing in much the way a newspaper columnist would. By the end of the year if I’ve accomplished a minimum of 50 posts, I’ll consider this adventure a success. And now, I suppose, there is nothing left but to get to it. Welcome to these – our – sandwich days.


One thought on “About

  1. Well, hello! I was snooping around in my stats when I suddenly spotted a new new URL and thought, “I need to go check out thesesandwichdays. After all, I’ve always liked a good sandwich. 😉

    And here you are. I’m glad to find you again, and have clicked the Magic Follow Button. I’m happy. I’ve missed reading your posts.

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