I’m trying something new on the blogging front. It has been fairly difficult trying to fit in blogging – or any of my creative work – into our new lives, mainly because caring for the kids takes up so much time and when I’m not with them I’m doing things like trying to locate Duncan’s birth certificate or convince Ohio to give me a driver’s license. For half a second I contemplated ending this blog – many of my writing ideas aren’t for this space anymore – but I’ve been doing this too long, enjoy reading other blogs too much, and still believe in it as a relevant form of communication to quit. So instead of waiting to blog until I have a specific topic in mind, I’m going to try a technique one of my favorite bloggers ( and set a side a certain period of time a few times a week to write in this space. My goal is to start writing three times a week, for a half hour at a time. I will probably be a lot more about my daily life, responses to news, searching for work, parenting and writing

But, before I start that! To get used to blogging and participating in the blogging community again, I am going to participate in #AMONTHOFFAVES, hosted by Tanya Price at, Traveling with T and Estella’s Revenge. It just looks like such a fun way to return to blogging, engage in the community and meet some new bloggers. December should be fun.

In the meantime, if you live in the United States, have a terrific Thanksgiving holiday and, if you celebrate Christmas, a prayerful beginning of Advent. I look forward to talking a lot more in December and the coming year.