My Father Read to me, Part I – on horror

Hey everyone – I’ve decided to approach this same subject from a different perspective – I don’t think I was necessarily right to approach it the way I did. Stay tuned for a revision of this piece next week!

2 thoughts on “My Father Read to me, Part I – on horror

  1. Wow, you’re paralleling here some of the thoughts I had when I was writing my post on trigger warnings (it’s nice to be back in touch with my “virtual sister”). I can’t wait to see where you go with this. I haven’t been watching GOT (watched the first episode and was a bit disappointed after having read the first book so decided I didn’t want to commit the time to it. I really want to get back to the books, though). Anyway, I will say that I agree you ought to watch whatever you like, and I LOVE your dad’s quote about understanding madness from literature.

    I don’t know where my love of horror and the macabre came from. My mother always liked (gentle) mysteries, so I got my love of that from her, but neither she nor my father were into ghosts and horror. All I know is that my mother lost all battles on the “You mustn’t watch that, it will give you nightmares” front when I proved that, no, it never did. Luckily, I had a brother who’d inherited this same fascination, and we’ve shared books and movies all our lives.

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