The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway *

Oh, friends. Oh, readers and friends and people finding this blog by googling terms like “my mother is crazy” and “Game of Thrones best thing ever” – how I have missed you! Let me start with first things first, of course – my beautiful baby boy Duncan was born on February 6th. I went into labor naturally (so tremendously better than induction, don’t let anyone tell you differently), had a lovely labor, a horrifying and dramatic delivery followed by a five day NICU stay for Duncan, and a bitterly cold, Polar-vortex dominated, relatively sleepless maternity leave all of which have resulted in this gorgeous, happy, love of my life (in a tie with his father and sister):


We have so much to talk about! I will probably write a post about Duncan’s delivery. I discovered the HBO series Game of Thrones while on maternity leave. My daughter discovered the movie “Frozen” and it has taken over our entire world. I am back at work and it is awful and awesome at the same time. But for now I think all of that can wait – I think, instead, I am going to publish this post in recognition of my return to blogging with a promise to return to regularly scheduled program from now on.

One more picture of the handsomest boy imaginable:


* If you recognize this lyric, then you are automatically part of a very special, and ruined, tribe of parents.

6 thoughts on “The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway *

  1. What a delight. I’ve thought of you so often, hoping all was well. Duncan is a handsome lad! Congrats to you all for everything. I’ll look forward to reading whatever you decide to write about it all.

  2. He’s gorgeous!! Congratulations and so glad to hear that all is going well. I had a big smile at the Frozen part since Leah is besotted with this movie at the moment. Would love to hear more in due course.

  3. Shoreacres – thanks so much. He has certainly brought a tremendous amount of joy to our household – I am one lucky momma! Amal – thank you so much! Pete – oh, don’t you worry – I have a whole post devoted to the song “Let it Go.” Congrats again on your new little one! Stefanie – thank you!! It’s good to catch up on your blog! Pauline – oh my gosh, you, Pete and I all have babes so close in’s amazing we are able to blog at all!

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